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Layout Depot is a non-profit, web-community that exists purely to provide an avenue for model railroaders to easily share the layouts that they have designed and possibly built. These layouts can be of any size or complexity, and will vary as much as the participants of the website do from each other. We've taken the chore out of learning how to make a web site just so a modeller can show off their work. Simply fill in the blanks, and away you go!

No other community like Layout Depot exists in this hobby, and our intent is to keep it growing in ways that provide its users and visitors with an enjoyable experience. The goal is to keep this a not-for-profit venture, and that any of the optional fees collected through the members area are used to simply cover the cost of the hosting and/or maintenance of the website.

Layout Depot is proudly sponsored by Fourth Realm Solutions, and wishes to thank them for all of their hard work and dedication since our first launch in December 1999.

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