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Iowa and Midwest Central
By: Douglas Long (   View Layouts by Douglas Long Layouts and Design by Douglas Long Designs by Douglas Long)
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Description: This layout is designed for operation from the yard to another city. This layout is so simple that it can be operated right from a single powerpack. It also can support multiple engines should one desire. In the industrial section you'll note that there is an Art Deco bridge shown. It's displayed as two tracks long, but that's for measurement purposes only. The complete bridge would fit in this area, but the span is only one section long and would be centered. Note that sectional track is shown. That's to help in measurements only. It would be assumed that flex track would be used. Atlas flex track is around 29 1/2" long. This plan could also be built flat on a plywood surface by leaving out the bridges, and substituting straight sections of track. This would be a great beginner's layout, especially if manual switches were used.
Scale: N Scale
Software: Atlas RTS

Square Feet: 32 to 48 sq. ft
Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate
Operation: Passenger & Freight,Point to Point,Single RR with Interchange Tracks
Prototype: none specific
Region: None specific
Era: Modern

Last Update: 03/06/2010

Total Downloads: 1400

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