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By: jackson
Last Update: 06/15/2011
Scale: HO Scale
Description: small town with yard and round house
More Details
Westley Junction
By: West Card
Last Update: 06/08/2011
Scale: HO Scale
Description: It is a small (8' x 24') prototype layout, with plans for expansions that will just about triple its current size.
More Details
Amuck Rail Lines
By: Shane Wedekamm
Last Update: 10/23/2010
Scale: G Scale
Description: Our Garden Railway compacted throughout our flower garden. 308 ft of track around half our mobile home. Layout began in 2006.
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Iowa & Midwest Central Iowa & Midwest Central
By: Douglas Long
Last Update: 03/06/2010
Scale: N Scale
Description: This layout can also be found in the design section. I actually built and operated this trackplan for for a few years. This one is so simple that it can be run straight from a single powerpack
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Canadian Southern RR Canadian Southern RR
By: Tim Barnett
Last Update: 02/12/2010
Scale: N Scale
Description: Heavily modified N18 layout for N-Scale. Contour lines have 1" vert sep. 3D Viewer in RTS8 for terrain visualization. 3 train cont operation.
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Relander Central Relander Central
By: Randi J. Relander
Last Update: 02/01/2008
Scale: N Scale
Description: Burlington Northern coal and local freight in northern Minnesota during the early 1980's, featuring Mod-U-Rail construction and Digitrax DCC.
More Details
shunting puzzle
By: farnk
Last Update: 02/17/2007
Scale: O Scale
Description: a shunting puzzle
More Details
Soccer world cup 2006
By: J. Barnholt
Last Update: 07/25/2006
Scale: N Scale
Description: All major high-speed railway connections between the cities of the world cup in Germany in a 6.25 x 6.5m layout in N scale (1:160).
More Details
By: Laurent VERNAY
Last Update: 07/19/2006
Scale: HO Scale
Description: A huge Märklin K track layout with may possibilities
More Details
Réseau Voie C-2.sit Réseau Voie C-2.sit
By: Laurent VERNAY
Last Update: 04/25/2006
Scale: HO Scale
Description: Märklin Ho C track layout with multi loop
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