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Amuck Rail Lines
By: Shane Wedekamm (Send Email to Shane Wedekamm,   View Layouts by Shane Wedekamm Layouts and Design by Shane Wedekamm Designs by Shane Wedekamm)


Our layout actually began in 2005 with a 10x20 Christmas bachmann G scale set around our walkway. Steadily it grew foot by foot throughout the years. Today it has 308 ft. of track encompassing nearly half our 14x80 mobile home. Water Features Include ... A 650 gal Koi pond with waterfall, 30 Gal.frog pond, 10 gal Dragonfly & tadpole pond. When I installed the ponds, the idea was to cross them with a bridge. As I searched online I had a harsh reality check. These bridges were rare and very expensive not to mention heavy and unrealistic looking. I began a year long search for materials and ended up with the aluminum and process I use to build bridges today. My bridges on the layout include a 20 foot Cantilever style main bridge,cement archway lead ramp, 2 through truss bridges, one through girder and a curved box bridge. All my design and construction. The maintenance path through the garden is a 2 lane highway poured of concrete complete with true reflective highway markings, manhole covers (dremel disks) and true 12v DC dusk to dawn street lights. The mainline train is a USA GP-38-2 with custom paint, sound card and LED headlights as well as a custom paint job. This train is currently incomplete due to unemployment and slow sales from the website. Our Secondary line is a passenger train, LGB LCE which I modified with directional LED head/tail lights. I also installed a sound card from an Amtrak Electric locomotive. The line features Coal and Oil as it's primary freight.
Scale: G Scale
Description: Our Garden Railway compacted throughout our flower garden. 308 ft of track around half our mobile home. Layout began in 2006.

Square Feet: 80 to 96 sq. ft
Difficulty: Advanced
Operation: Passenger & Freight,Double or Multi Loop,Single RR with Interchange Tracks
Prototype: Modern
Region: Small Town West Virginia
Era: Modern
Min. Radius: 8 ft.
Max. Grade: 6%
Roadbed: Cinders
Benchwork: Scratch
Electrical: 12v DC

Last Update: 10/23/2010
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